Michael Thorn
2 min readFeb 16, 2023

A New Publication For Short Fiction

When I joined Medium in 2020, I wrote that

I’ll be treating this site much as I have treated Flickr since I joined it in 2005. Sharing my writing, appreciating other people’s, and recommending pieces that I consider to be of special merit.

In fact, I have only just begun creating and making use of lists — see this example. One new functionality I’d like to see here is the ability to pin lists to the top menu (as you can now do on Twitter). I shall be explaining what I mean more carefully in a follow-up post to Why Medium Beats Substack And Patreon Hands-Down.

Nicholas Goudsmit is a young writer I have added to my Favourite Medium Writers list on the strength of the fiction he has posted.

The purpose of this brief post is to draw my followers’ attention to a new Publication that Nicholas has recently announced:

It is with great excitement that I announce the beginning of a new Medium publication, Manyouscript. Manyouscript aims to share weekly short stories across our beloved platform with the goal of fostering creativity. We are dedicated to publishing fiction in its many forms: the…