Michael Thorn
May 26, 2023


• Genre list: General & Contemporary

• Title: In Arigni Omnibus, Chapters 1-10

• Read time: 23 min read

• Genre(s): Fiction, Serial Fiction

• Type: Novel (in progress)

• Status: Ongoing

• Rating: 13+

• Tags: Adventure, Island, Antihero

• Summary/excerpt/note: In this opening to The Adventures of Claud (without an e), Claud becomes separated from two black holdalls as he disembarks from the ferry that has brought him to the island of Arigni. What is in the bags? When will he be reunited with them?

• Username: achuka

• Link: https://medium.com/the-adventures-of-claud-without-an-e/in-arigni-omnibus-c84e458dc4ad