Writer, copyeditor, photographer.

Founder/editor of ACHUKA, a children's and YA book recommendation site.

I love the unique and inspired simplicity of Medium's membership model. One subscription opens up the WHOLE Medium library and supports ALL the writers here.

I have written a biographical novel about Melville and Hawthorne (Macmillan), a biography of Alfred Tennyson (Little Brown), and a short book about the poet William Cowper. I've also written entries for a number of biographical reference books.

I greatly enjoy proofreading and copyediting, a process I liken to Brass Shining.

I am currently publishing, section by section, a curious work of fiction called The Adventures of Claud - without an e.

During the 1990s and into the early part of this century I was a book reviewer for Literary Review, Times Educational Supplement and The Scotsman. I gave up book reviewing in order to go back to reading what I wanted, when I wanted.

Medium member since June 2020
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