But I don’t wannabe seventy

I’ve just submitted a short (very short, 4-second) video birthday greeting online to a friend and one time work colleague who turns 50 this month. It’s for a montage that her husband is preparing as a surprise.

It’s hard to credit the computation that tells…

How lockdown got me started on battery powered DIY

Up until some nine months ago, I did not own a single cordless power tool. It’s true that, right at the back of the under-stairs cupboard, there was a boxed corded hammer drill and jigsaw but neither had been properly used since I had made and fitted some bookshelves soon…

Or is a presence on social media sufficient?

There is ongoing debate about whether or not creatives need to have a web presence in addition to being on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.

Many authors and illustrators have decided that their presence on social media is sufficient.

Some, who have had websites in the past, have let them crash…

The story of Arlo & Zelda begins

We were two years without cats. We have always had cats.

Moppet and Milligan helped us through our first winter of married life, when we were living in a front room hovel in a street of condemned terraced housing in Hanley. The two kittens actually belonged to Bill, who owned…

Michael Thorn

Writer, photographer

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